Movement Tip: The Handstand Walk

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Movement Tip: The Handstand Walk

Everybody wants to handstand walk! CrossFit Seminar Staff member Julie Foucher does a great and balanced demonstration for us here. Like most gymnastics movement, the handstand walk needs a lot of consistent strength and mobility work to get there. The most important aspect of the Handstand or Handstand Walk is having a strong Hollow Position, so work on Hollow holds and rocks at every opportunity you get. At the same time, work on handstand progressions such as Wall Walks, Pike Handstands with you feet or knees on a box, Shoulder Taps and as many core exercises as you can. Naturally any overhead strength work is also useful.

Points Of Performance

  • Stand on hands positioned shoulder-width apart
  • Arms remain extended
  • Abdominals remain braced, spine neutral
  • Allow weight to shift from one side to another
  • Move unloaded arm forward

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