Movement Tip: The Ring Dip

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Movement Tip: The Ring Dip

Following on from last week’s dips on the bar, this week we look at the Ring Dip, demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart. The Ring Dip is more commonly used in CrossFit. The rings add instabiility to the movement, which builds up strength in the smaller stablising shoulder and chest muscles. However, that instability could also lead to injury or strain on these smaller muscle groups if you haven’t yet built up the necessary strength for the movement. So best to start off with some additional support, such as feet on the floor or bands, while you build up your shoulder strength, especially at the bottom of the movement, which may not be the best position for your shoulder joint if you already have tight shoulder and chest muscles.

Points Of Performance

  • Rings set approximately shoulder-width apart
  • Full grip on the rings
  • Start with arms extended and push down into the rings
  • Chest drops forward as elbows move back
  • Shoulders descend lower than elbows
  • Hands stay close to the body
  • Complete at full arm extension

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