Movement Tip: The Skin the Cat

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Movement Tip: The Skin the Cat

This week, CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart demonstrates the skin the cat for us. Skin the Cat is typically a more advanced gymnastics movement. Although it can be quite easy to flip over into the Skin the Cat position, the move really requires the strength to move into and out of the position with perfect control. Without the strength to move in a controlled way, you effectively dump the bodyweight into an extreme end of range position for the shoulders, which obviously a very risky position for the shoulders.

Points Of Performance

  • Start hanging with arms extended
  • Keep arms extended throughout the movement
  • Pull toes towards the rings until the body is in a pike position
  • Slowly lower the feet towards the floor with control
  • Allow rings to rotate as the legs descend
  • Allow the feet to descend as low as the shoulders can control
  • Reverse the motion by using the abs and shoulders to pull the legs up
  • Perform with bent legs to lessen difficulty

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