Movement Tip: The Wall Walk

We take a break from Olympic Weightlifting for a few weeks as we look again at some Gymnastics or Bodyweight skills. The Wall Walk is challenging and fun way to build up core and handstand strength, as demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart. Key with this movement is to keep the core nice and tight and the shoulders active, so you don’t risk hurting the back, neck or shoulders if the back starts to arch. If you find this a little challenging, start with first your knees and then just your feet on a box as you walk your hands back.

Points Of Performance

  • Start prone on the floor
  • Extend arms
  • Maintain neutral spine
  • Feet climb up the wall as hands walk closer to the wall
  • Arms remain extended
  • Continue until chest and thighs touch the wall
  • Return to prone position on the floor

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